May 28, 2014

Esther: We're Not Evloved


It could be observed that this 2,400 year old story is excellent evidence that mankind at his core cannot, and has not changed over time. 

Only his technology has.

For all our present day chest thumping about how evolved we are, and how much better we are going to be, the Well that was poisoned at Eden remains so today, with the result that we are not, and cannot on our own "evolve" in the sense of getting morally better and better, whether we drink from a gourd or a Starbuck's cup.  Our only hope for real change is in Christ, and the regeneration and sanctification produced by salvation. --Jim Canter 5/2014

Why I Love to Sing "Amazing Grace"

When I consider the crucial thing I did not want or care about seeing, that is, my sin, and the injustice of it before a holy God; and that...